Creative (adjective)

Original, expressive and imaginative.

Boost (noun)

A push from behind, as to one who is endeavoring to climb; help.

creative boost


Colourscapes are landscapes of colour. Experiments in taking a random colour and exploring the colours around it. Using random number generation to generate palettes in the hope of finding that one perfect colour.

Colourscape 1 - Random pallete

This colourscape lets you generate a page of random colours (266 to be precise), you can save upto 5 colours as you keep looking through random palettes.

Colourscape 2 - Steps

This colour picks a random base colour and then steps back and forward in the red, green and blue components. For example It allows you to see how adjusting the blue changes a colour. Its not perfect as I need to create a version which starts with a colour chosen by you.

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